Offshore and Gas

Maktec’s  location in the UK and Asia means we regularly support the offshore industry , with our staff fully certified for offshore attendances, we rapidly mobilise to inspect and repair platform and semi-submersible generators and fire pumps. Prior to any project starting we carry out full survey assessment using the latest technologies and equipment to determine ,vibration, alignment and performance. This has led in the past to major projects being supported and designed.

Maktec maintains all types of diesel engines offshore including but not limited to: Cummins, Perkins, Bergen, Hedamora, Wartsila, EMD, MWM, Detroit and CAT.

Offshore and Gas diesel engine repairs Fire pump and engine repairs for offshore

 Submersible Generator Repair ServiceOffshore Diesel Engine Maintenance


Due to the complexity and safety aspects of such an industry in the harsh environments operated ,we work very closely with our customers to determine projects commercial consequences and financial viability by offering solutions to major asset serviceability.


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