The exol Group is the largest independent lubricant supplier in the United Kingdom. Fully British owned the Group has been supplying premium quality lubricants to the Marine sectors for over 30 years.

Through our manufacturing plant at Rotherham and our distribution depot at Birmingham we are now in the position to offer the following benefits:

       -  Larger distribution fleet and increased delivery capability

       -  Up rated technical support, product development and laboratory service
       -  Superb up rated product range, packaging and product literature

The company’s business philosophy is simple:

To supply only those products, which meet the maximum specifications, laid down by the manufactures of the equipment in which the product is to be used.

  • To deliver those products promptly and in packaging designed to appeal.
  • To provide competent and helpful sales, office and technical personnel to resolve any difficulties, which may, from time to time, arise.


Fluid Check:


Analysis is Exol Lubricants online market leading fluid monitoring programme covering all types of oil lubricated operations and applications in real time from mobile devices. With Maktecs inspection of these values we can quickly advise the best options available for reliable and efficient machinery servicing to reduce engine or equipment failures.



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