Marine Engine Services

Maktec services or maintains all types of marine propulsion and power generation diesel and dual fuel engines from simple timing inspections and adjustments on a CAT/MaK 453 to more comprehensive and project orientated Stork, Sulzer, MaK ,MAN crankshaft exchanges.


Dual Fuel Engine Repairs   Mak diesel engine inspection and repairs

We have been called to attend offshore AHTS vessels in Venezuela with poor power distribution to lake max tankers with reversing fuel cam damages. Customers know when they call us we react by planning our arrival which utilises the travel time and allows procedures to be actioned to aid the fault diagnosis or repair required.

Maktec consults to most major marine operators and our experience has led to vessel COCs being removed and our buyer's surveys resulting in marked negotiations in the price and sale terms. Using the latest in electronic diagnostic equipment we are able to rapidly identify operational instabilities and to adjust the unit balances in accordance with the engine maker’s guidelines, this is to ensure each machine runs efficiently and reliably.

We have performed at the highest level in some of the harshest regions with limited resources, so try us and you won’t be disappointed. Please do not hesitate to telephone us for more details.


Marine Diesel Engine Repairs   Marine Engine Services

What Can You Expect?

WhatCan You Expect