Power Generation 


Maktec has a great deal of experience with the power generation industry, with many major asset projects carried out . These include fractured bedplate repairs in the Caribbean, Indonesia and Brazil, investigating poor engine reliability in Japan, Ecuador ,Russia to complete power station service contracts.

With fuel management being of such importance shaft alternators are seen as an efficient way to produce power during long sea passages therefore our riding squads will perform service or replacement of complete alternators or couplings during operations allowing uninterrupted power supply and scheduling.

Power Generation Diesel Engine Repairs   Large Diesel Engine Servicing for Power Generation

We also supply containerised emergency power packs, which can be quickly despatched to vessels as salvage power generation, as has happened in the past . Our experienced staff will on restoration of power, identify relevant system faults and offer repair or replacement options based on any commercial and budgetary demands.

By listening to our customers and staying in touch we understand what they want ,not what we think they want. 

Let us show you our services in action ,by first contacting us with your requests. 

Diesel Engine Repairs for Power Generation   Power Generation Diesel Engine Refurbishment

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