2017 Mexico

Inspect crankshaft bearing failure as well as carrying out a repair procedure that was required to allow vessel operation at reduced output until a new crankshaft was found and fitted. Alignment check of main bearing bores verified cylinder block within tolerance and serviceable.





2016 UK

Carry out consultancy to UKs largest independent power producer operating as technical laisson and project management including budgetary control and site design. Inspecting and managing site development and sub-contractor controls.




2015 Poland 

Pre purchase vessel mechanical survey and inspection. Consultation during the negotiation of the vessel to new owners operating as the buyer’s representative. Identify and report on all machinery during continued vessel operations to verify reliability and condition.




2014 Chile 
Investigate crankshaft cam wear and bearing failures, assist in marine insurance claims identifying system faults and advise on service maintenance procedures.


Diesel Engine Services for Shipping   Diesel Engine Investigation


2013 North Sea
Contracted to carry out power supply risk and machinery assessment projects. On completion of analysing recorded alignment and reference data, a full technical report and presentation of facts was submitted. 

North Sea Diesel Engine Repairs   North Sea Engine Repair & Assessment


2010 Batangas
Service, repair ,damage assessment and re-commissioning of MaK 12M543AK after major engine room fire. The extent of the fire required our urgent attention to stop parts being corroded beyond usable point.

Mak 12M543AK repair & damage   Diesel Engine Recommissioning


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