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Maktec now offer Ingersoll Rand air driven pumps, starter motors and BOGE compressors. This includes technical support and product sales.  


Call for more details on the extensive range of products and to discuss your requirements.





 Nicol & Andrew


As specialists in insitu machining of crankshaft or surface damages plus stitching of delaminated or fractured machinery casing or bearing pockets etc. Maktec and N&A continue to work worldwide with excellent results.  


Please call for more information and to arrange for an engineer to attend.





Ark Vision



Ark Vision is a partner company of Maktec based in Singapore who recondition equipment and parts plus offer service of machinery within their workshop facilities or offshore. This partnership is important to us and our customers, as this allows flexible and cost effective experienced support in Asia. Past enquiries requiring urgent response has resulted in engineers being flown at short notice to Papua New Guinea to inspect damage propulsion machinery with major cost reductions achieved and limited off hire.  


Please call us to explain in more detail and help you achieve your projects demands.





Exol Lubricants


Exol are the largest independent UK oil blender and provide oils for every type of equipment or system. Maktec has now become a technical advisor and authorised dealership allowing us to quickly identify your company‚Äôs requirements and supply a premium product for any specification or application at reduced cost.  Maktec are extremely proud of joining Exols quality brand and we strive to show the marine, power generation and heavy engineering industries, there are alternatives.  


Exols oil analysis


Exol Lubricants Fluid Check has a range of beneficial updates to its oil analysis service which offers further longevity and protection for your machine by identifying wear and contaminate levels


Please send your enquires to us and we will certainly help you get the right product at the right price.





 Donaldson Filters


The Donaldson brand of filters is seen as one the best in the world at protecting your machinery from damage and poor reliability or efficiency. As dealers we are able to quickly identify the correct filter type and supply anywhere in the world at short notice. Being involved in investigation and consultancy globally for owners and managers on some of the largest projects we would only advise fitting the best to protect your equipment from serious damage. Click here to view filter technical information


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Clean Fuel


Maktec are honoured to have been appointed technical advisors to Clean Fuel and the Britannia Challenge. As technical support and advisors we are at the fore front of developing a special type of fuel which reduces pollutants without adjustment or change to original operational engines. Maktec has further been appointed to market and sell this fuel to like-minded environmentally and progressively driven customers.  


Call for more details on this world changing fuel and how it can help the planet.




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